Back In The Saddle series

April 27th 2 – 4 pm Demystifying the Lunge Line and Vaulting Lesson

Spectator $15 - watch, get a chance to take a spin on a safe farm horse

This clinic will benefit any level rider. Winfield Farm & Forge integrates this technique into our lesson program to combat a list of equestrian issues. We use this teaching technique for fearful riders, beginners, and seasoned riders with asymmetry issues in their body.

Here’s just a few ways lunge lessons can benefit you!

*Develop a feel for the horse’s movement and learn how to follow it with your seat. Get rid of that backside bounce! No more flapjack slap in the saddle!

* Safely practice leg and seat control, learn to post easier, develop your sitting trot, and practice your two point position without worrying about steering your steed. Develop an independent seat from your hands by riding hands-free while on the lunge.

*Conquer fear and control after a bad experience by riding in a controlled environment. A fall, bolt, or buck can rattle your confidence. Let lunge line lessons bring back your bravery and confidence.

Lunge lessons should be an integral part of any rider’s education. Having a qualified instructor and a steady lunge lesson horse can bring freshness and fun to your riding. Sarah Vas and Stephanie Brown will have farm horses dressed in saddles, lunge lines and the vaulting surcingle. Have a fun afternoon watching us demonstrate the lunge lesson. Take a spin on one of our seasoned horses. We can evaluate your body on horseback and teach you how the lunge lesson can make you a safer, stronger, more confident equestrian.

All Junior age riders 18 and under must have a signed waiver by a parent to participate on a horse. Junior riders must wear an approved helmet.

May 18th Saturday

Open Barn – Free and open to the public. Meet and Greet our trainers, team, and horses.
11:00 to 12:00 Hospitality hour, farm tours and socializing.
12:00 to 1:30 Formal presentations of our superstar horses and riders, exciting new lesson program concept, informative and educational information.

Giveaways, kids crafts, door prizes.

Long Lining 101 – Educational Clinic $15 per person
2:00 – 4:00 Learn the ins and outs to preparing your horse to long line effectively. Experience the depth and benefits of long lining any horse by taking the reins on one of our farm horses.

11:00 - 12:00 Fresh made donuts and beverages courtesy of Winfield Farm
12:00 - 4:00 Food Concessions available for purchase.

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